Cognitive Modelling & Brain and Computation

Department of Cognitive Modelling & Brain and Computation (CM&BC)


DR. Mir Mohsen Pedram; Email:

Director Assistant:

Dr. Reza Shalbaf; Email:

The Cognitive Modelling & Brain and Computation (CM&BC) department performs computational research in the domains of cognitive functions such as consciousness, perception, learning, memory, attention, executive functions, reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, planning, and natural language.

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to brain signals, image processing, brain networks, applications of machine learning and data science relevant to cognition, computational cognitive modeling, mapping the brain’s cognitive performance through mathematical modeling, and designing artificial systems by using neuroscience and neuropsychological experiments.

The department offers Ph.D. programs in Cognitive Modelling and Brain and Computation, as a joint program with the Department of Neuroscience, and has collaboration with national and international professional centers and institutions involved in the study of cognitive sciences.