Affiliated Centers

Brain and Cognition Clinic (BCC)

The BCC provides diagnosis and therapeutic plans for changes in cognitive functions associated with acute brain damages, aging, psychiatric, developmental, and neurodegenerative disorders. BCC therapists team consisting of psychiatrists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists and clinical neuropsychologists are actively engaged in clinical interventions (e.g., cognitive rehabilitation, brain stimulation, psychotherapy) to slow patients’ cognitive functions decline and improve their mental health. They offer clinical and brain imaging assessments for memory loss, attention problems or other changes in cognitive abilities.



The COGNOTECH is a pioneer escalator in cognitive science in Iran.  It has provided a platform for cognitive science to migrate from laboratories and universities to society and people’s everyday life in the form of technology. The COGNOTECH tries to build a strong community of cognitive science startups, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs. This platform can respond to current issues with a cognitive science perspective and provide them with innovative products.