About Us

Institute for Cognitive Science Studies which strives to promote this new branch of science and technology in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Established in 1998 as a non-governmental institution, ICSS is offering M.S. and Ph.D. programs in different sub-fields of cognitive science and technologies and enjoys to have various animal and human labs equipped with the instruments and facilities needed to conduct state of the art research in the field. Cooperation with other leading universities in Iran and abroad is one of the key strategies of ICSS in promoting the field, and in this regard, many prominent Iranian and foreign professors participate in ICSS educational and research activities. The International Conference of Cognitive Science organized by ICSS has also become an attractive event for bringing the world’s prominent scientists together.

ICSS Activities in Other Related Areas

ICSS activities go beyond educational boundaries. Establishment of the first cognitive accelerator in Iran for commercializing novel ideas in cognitive technology and cognitive rehabilitation, publishing the journal of Advances in Cognitive Sciences (ACS)

as the only journal devoted exclusively to all areas of cognitive science, as well as organizing national and international cognitive science events are some examples of ICSS activities in other areas.

Journal of Advances in Cognitive Sciences (ACS)

ACS is the first and only peer-reviewed scientific journal covering topics of cognitive science, established in 1999.

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Brain and Cognition Clinic (BCC)

The mission of BCC is providing a wide range of neuropsychological assessments and cognitive rehabilitation services for different groups of psychiatric disorders and neurological diseases.

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International Conference on Cognitive Science (ICCS):

ICCS's biennial Congress is the largest regular gathering of national and international researchers and scientists​ worldwide.

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COGNOTECH Accelerator

The first Cognitive accelerator in Iran, established in 2019 and seeks to build a strong community of cognitive science startups, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs.

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