A learning framework based on the free energy in the brain – By Jamshid Ghasimi

In this research, a learning framework and model based on the principle of free energy in the brain has been presented. This learning model has several capabilities in artificial intelligence, rehabilitation and studying cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia in humans. The innovation of the proposed model in the way of learning is such that the process of knowledge generation is presented as creativity to produce abstract concepts. In the existing learning models, learning is based on the transfer of data from an external agent or from environment to the learning agent. So there is the necessary knowledge to learn in advance, while in this research we have presented a model that can be a generator of knowledge for learning and at the same time allows creativity and innovation to produce new concepts such as a variety of works of art or various inventions. For the proposed framework in the present study, we need to separate and determine different types of learning and memory to properly explain the production of abstract concepts that do not exist in the previous frameworks. For this reason, the first step in upgrading the proposed framework was separation of memory and learning types, which was done. In addition to producing real and environmental concepts, the proposed framework provides an opportunity to produce abstract concepts as well as their objectification.