Collaborative Symposium on Cognitive Science

Call For Abstracts

▪ Abstracts are required for all posters
▪ Abstracts may be up to 250-300 words
▪ Abstracts must be submitted by Tuesday 6 December, 2022 (15 Azar 1401)
▪ Abstract should be submitted by email only to


  •  Computational Neuroscience,
  •  Emotion Motivation and Behavior,
  •  Neuro-Cognitive Rehabilitation,
  •  Cognition and Higher-Order Executive Functions,
  •  Novel and Cutting-Edge Technologies: Brain Mapping,Brain Stimulation Methods, other.


Address: Institute for Cognitive Science Studies (ICSS), Shahid Chamran Blvd, Oloom Shenakhti Blvd. New Pardis City, Tehran

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