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I'm Shaghayegh; I was born in 1986, in shiraz one of the most famous artistic and historical cities of Iran. It's not surprising to have a great interest in numerous forms of art such as drawing, painting, made craft and so on.
One of my hobbies in childhood was demolishing various kinds of appliances and then reassemble them in new types of products. It's the matter of choosing industrial design as my major in university Before I became a designer I had followed graphic design in high school and my passion for arts and crafts was unbounded. But after Iran university exam which is called Konkor, I achieved a great rate among all students and my advisor told me to choose Industrial Design which is a combination of crafts and design.
Industrial Design Made me happy but as not as arts and craft. In 24 as young designer I participated in numerous competition all around world and Iran. As an intern, I worked with good companies and had some exciting experiences. I graduated in bachelor of Industrial design and become competence in ideation of product design, sketching, problem solving and profound skill in jewelry design. Afterwards I became designer and art director in different company. I have been talented and industrious student in bachelor and accepted for master of Industrial design without entrance university exam. In this time I studied master and work for jewelry company Simultaneously.
During my master studies I have been introduced with conducive methodology of design and art research, these methodology made me indulged in academic research and studied hard, and
encouraged me to study PH.D.
Therefore if you want to know me more, read the rest of my resume.


Associate of graphic Design: Sep 2004 - Jul 2006
Bachelor of Industrial Design: Sep 2007 - Feb 2011
Master of Industrial Design: Sep 2008 - Jun 2014
Ph.D. in Art Research: Jan 2016 - Jul 2019


Research highlights

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Research interest