PhD: Cognitive psychology, Institute for Cognitive Science Studies, 2014-2019

Master: Clinical Psychology, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, 2011-2014

Bachelor: Clinical Psychology, Kharazmi University, 2007-2011


Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Psychopathology
Cognitive Development Psychology
Cognitive Assessments

Research highlights

•Choobin, M. H., Mirabolfathi, V., Chapman, B., Moradi, A. R., Grunfeld, E. A., & Derakshan, N. (2021). The Impact of COVID-19 Outbreak on Emotional and Cognitive Vulnerability in Iranian Women with Breast Cancer. Frontiers in Psychology, 12, 663310.
•Mirabolfathi, V, Schweizer, S., Moradi A. R, Jobson L. Affective Working Memory Capacity in Refugee Adolescents. 2020. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy. DOI: 10.1037/tra0000552
•Sanambari, F., Moradi, A. R, Moghadasin, M., & Mirabolfathi, V. (2020). The study of autobiographical memory and identity processing styles in immigrant adolescents suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Advances in Cognitive Sciences. (In Persian)
•Mirabolfathi, V., Moradi, A., Choobin, M. H., Derakhshan, N. (2020). Ambiguity effect in working memory capacity and reaction time in PTSD. Advances in Cognitive Sciences. (In Persian
•Jobson, L., Mirabolfathi, V., Moshirpanahi, SH., Parhoon, H., Gillard, J., Muhktar, F., Moradi, AR., Mohan, S, N. (2019). Investigating emotion in Malay, Australia and Iran. Nature Scientific Reports: 9(1):18344.
•Ahmadi, M., Moradi, A. R., Esmaeili, A. T., Mirabolfathi, V., & Jobson, L. (2019). A preliminary study investigating time perception in adolescents with posttraumatic stress disorder and major depressive disorder. Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy, 11(6), 671–676.
•Mirabolfathi, V., Moradi, A. R., & Jobson, L. (2019). Influence of affective distractors on working memory capacity in relation to symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder. Applied Cognitive Psychology: 33:904-910.

Research interest

•Neurocognitive mechanisms governing vulnerability to PTSD, and resilience
•Cognitive control training in PTSD
•Investigating affective vulnerability and longer-term resilience and empowering women with breast cancer.
•Cognitive and emotional vulnerabilities in refugee and Immigrants.