Effects of electrical brain stimulation on impaired cognitive functions in patients with MS – By Hamid Alipour

When your finger is cut with a knife, the wound healing mechanisms are immediately activated. The human nervous system also shows different reactions when it is damaged. For example, in patients with MS, the immune system attacks the nervous system and destroys various nerve pathways. After destruction, various sensory, motor and cognitive symptoms appear in patients, and then nerve growth factors begin to repair the damaged areas. It is possible to activate neural repair mechanisms to treat patients with MS through other methods in addition to pharmaceutical methods. Based on this understanding of how the nervous system works, we identified and studied MS patients. The aim of our study was to investigate the effects of electrical brain stimulation on brain-derived neurotrophic factors and impaired cognitive functions such as information processing speed and working memory in patients with MS. The treatment protocol was carried out in compliance with ethical principles and the results indicated the positive effects of this method on the mentioned variables. The importance of this research is significant from a fundamental and clinical point of view. In addition to medicinal methods, patients with MS can use complementary treatment methods to modify the disease process and reduce its deterioration.