Cognitive Modeling for Automated Human Performance Evaluation at Scale

Cognitive models and related software tools have been developed to study human cognitive processes such as perception, memory, and attention to better understand human mind, as well as model and simulate human behaviors.

Although they have been widely used and proved to be very useful, there are some challenges preventing large-scale modeling and simulation tasks from being conducted efficiently and effectively. To discuss and address these challenges, in this book, we aim to provide readers an overview on relevant subjects such as cognitive architectures, cognitive models, and related software tools for modeling and simulation. In addition, we would like to demonstrate the use of human behavioral data to facilitate the cognitive modeling process. Furthermore, we present our recent work on a new conceptual framework for supporting large-scale cognitive modeling, and introduce a research software prototype with example use cases.

In the first chapter of the book, we firstly present a brief overview of cognitive modeling and human performance evaluation with potential challenges and issues, followed by a summary of other chapters of the book. This chapter ends with listing the main objectives and main target audience for this book.

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