Critical Neuroscience and Philosophy

A Scientific Re-Examination of the Mind-Body Problem

“A Scientific Re-Examination of the Mind-Body Problem” is the subtitle of this study on critical neuroscience. It presents a very difficult task, a struggle many scientists and philosophers have been dealing with since time immemorial. Is there anything that can be said about such an incredibly complex topic, anything at all which can be added to the conversation?

Our main goal is to present a brief summary of the most important theories and experimental studies conducted so far on the correlation between mind and body. We will focus in particular on information and analysis from neuroscience and philosophy, but also provide new ways—new in terms of recent scientific discoveries and millennia-old philosophical traditions, and all the combinations thereof—of interpreting both. Given these premises, we will provide a general outlook on the most important sub-branches of neuroscience, including their connections to other scientific and therapeutic fields such as psychiatry, psychology and engineering, and at each intersection analyze their epistemological component, validity and applicability to our ‘human nature’.

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