Design Computing and Cognition’۲۲

The papers in this volume are from the Tenth International Conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC’۲۲) held in person at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. They represent the state of the art of research and development in design computing and design cognition including the increasingly active area of design neurocognition. They are of particular interest to design researchers, devel-opers and users of advanced computation in designing as well as to design educators. This volume contains knowledge about the cognitive and neurocognitive behavior of designers, which is valuable for those who need to gain a better understanding of designing.

A total of 115 papers were submitted to the conference, from which 48 were accepted and appear in these proceedings. Each paper was extensively reviewed by at least three reviewers drawn from the international panel of reviewers listed on the following pages. The reviewers’ recommendations were then assessed before the final decision on each paper was taken. The authors improved their contributions based on the advice of this community of reviewers prior to submitting the final manuscript for publication. Thanks go to the reviewers, for the quality of these papers depends on their efforts. Thanks are due to Julie Milovanovic who put the papers together to form the conference proceedings.

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