Human Memory and Material Memory

The present book attempts to establish whether a link between human memory and material memory such as the memory of shape memory alloys is relevant.

It challenges the strength of the boundary between these two concepts of memory and wonders whether “memory traces” in the brain may be related to the defects generated in metal alloys when they are trained.

The book first provides a brief historical record of works devoted to human memory, from the ancient Greeks to the present day. Then, it turns to neuroimaging. With its development, neuroscientists believe that they can explain the whole brain behavior, including the memory process.

Then, following Paul Ricoeur’s work, the philosopher’s point of view is explored, which adds sensitivity, thought, and humanity to the technical brain. In conclusion, the link connection between the two types of memory is presently still difficult to prove and establish, but the reader is better equipped to understand and continue this open debate about human memory. The link between the two types of memory is presently difficult to establish.

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