Meaning Therapy

If the contents of this book are true, there can be no doubt about the meaning of life.

Understanding the meaning of life is the human quest and forms a foundation for psychological well-being. The purpose of religious and philosophical systems is to provide or explore a comprehensive meaning of life including values and beliefs often taken for granted by socialized individuals.

A clearer understanding of these values and beliefs and assisting individuals to engage in this process of clarification, can help to form a foundation for mental health and can be accurately described as Meaning Therapy.

The presentation given here is intended to introduce the values and beliefs given by Jesus of Nazareth, and his earliest followers, who is arguably the most influential Meaning Therapist in human history. Simply reading this content in its entirety (and related links), will define your positive identity and positive feelings about yourself and others if you choose.

The results include hope for the future, values for healthy living, and support to face challenges and losses common to humanity.

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