Remembering as a Cultural Process

This book describes our journey developing an approach to remembering that is cultural, constructive, and process oriented. Many people have been a part of this journey. Jaan Valsiner has been a continual source of inspiration and encouragement to all of the authors. Wagoner also owes special thanks to Gerard Duveen, Alex Gillespie, and Tania Zittoun, who were instrumental in his early formation. Ignacio Brescó would like to thank Alberto Rosa in this connection. Pina Marsico and Lilith Dorko have been extremely supportive of doing this book project and patient with our delivery. We would not have had time and resources to complete this project if it were not for the opportunities provided by the Obel Foundation, who funded “The Culture of Grief” project that the first two authors belong to, and the Lyon Institute for Advanced Studies, where the first author finished the book. Finally, we have rewritten the following earlier publications for this book and thank the publishers for their permissions.

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