The Cambridge Handbook of Creativity Second Edition

This is the second edition of the Cambridge Handbook of Creativity, but in many ways it is a fourth edition. In 1988, Cambridge published Sternberg’s The Nature of

Creativity, a book of essays reflecting diverse perspectives and approaches to creativity. The authors included some who are in this volume (such as Beth Hennessey and Dean Keith Simonton) and some legends no longer with us

(such as Frank Barron and E. Paul Torrance). It was a handbook in all but title. Sternberg’s (1999) Handbook of Creativity followed, again featuring chapters from the top investigators in the field. This handbook has been cited over 2,500 times. Most chapters in that book have been cited hundreds (and some, thousands) of times as well

The senior editor was introduced to the field of creativity by the then in-press 1999 volume (reading it as a stack of computer printouts) and was honored to coedit the first official Cambridge Handbook of Creativity (J. Kaufman & Sternberg, 2010)

The goal of this new volume is to continue the growth and expansion shown by its predecessor volumes. The first Cambridge Handbook of Creativity had twenty-four chapters; this second edition has thirty-six. We have reached out to many new contributors so that this new edition is not simply an updated version of the Handbook but a new creation in itself This handbook is arranged as a growing tree. Across its four parts, we begin with core concepts, move on to underpinnings, then to individual and group differences and then to how creativity is manifested in the everyday world. The authors of the chapters include leaders in the field, noted authorities, and rising stars who will be the leaders of tomorrow. This volume, although a large undertaking, has been a pleasure We hope it is informative, useful, and enjoyable to those well-versed in the field and also to those who are first discovering scholarship in the field of creativity

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