A Course in Empathy: The New Revolution of the Heart

How do you think society might be affected if empathy was taught in the home, the workplace, and in schools? Imagine a world in which everyone, children and adults, knew how to care about how others feel and what they need, want, and think.

While each individual has a unique capacity for empathy, some more than others, the author believes this may be assisted and encouraged for those who possess some aptitude. For example, empathic development may require an awareness of one’s own emotions, addressed in the first exercise on page 12, in order to begin to recognize and feel connected with the emotions of others.

Now for the first time, we have a set of tools to actually learn empathy so that it becomes part of one’s way of relating to others.

On completion of assignments* for A Course in Empathy, with no more than a two-page report for each chapter including your responses to questions found at the end of each one, the Certificate of Empathy Development is awarded by the College of Mental Health Counseling.

In this concise volume, the author describes ten practical exercises to enable the development of empathy and thereby aid the transformation of the self and the community. The way to peace with everyone is empathy for everyone, including and especially your opponent in any matter. Empathy for self and others is the key to inner peace and world peace.

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