Artificial Intelligence for Cloud and Edge Computing

In this smart era, artificial intelligence and cloud computing are two significant technologies that are changing the way we live as humans. That is, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing (and edge computing) have emerged together to improve the lives of millions of people. Edge computing is a new advanced version of cloud computing. Today’s many digital (smart) devices like Siri, Google Home, and Amazon’s Alexa are blending AI and cloud computing in our lives every day. On a larger scale, AI capabilities are employed in the business cloud computing environment to make organizations more efficient, strategic, and insight driven.

Today’s cloud and edge computing acts as an engine to increase the scope of an area and impact of AI. AI and cloud (also edge) computing are transforming businesses at every level, especially with a major impact on large-scale businesses.

A seamless flow of AI and cloud-based resources make many services a reality. In general, cloud computing offers businesses more flexibility, agility, and cost savings by hosting data and applications in the cloud. A cloud in business (industry) can be public, private, or hybrid, which provides services like SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS to end users. An essential service of cloud computing is infrastructure, which involves the provision of machines for computing and storage. Cloud providers also offer data platform services that span the different available databases.

Some of the benefits of AI and cloud or edge technologies are derivable with access to huge data sets, including refining the data (in an intelligent way), cost-effectiveness, increased productivity, reliability, and availability of advanced infrastructure. For example, an AI-powered pricing module can ensure that a company’s pricing will always be optimized. It’s not just about making better use of data, it’s conducting the analysis and then putting it into action without the need for human intervention. Some other useful benefits of AI integration with cloud and edge computing include powering a self-Managing cloud with AI; improving data management with AI at the cloud level; delivering more value-added service with AI–SaaS integration; and utilizing dynamic cloud-AI integrated services. Thus, many organizations are now improving their commitment to investing in AI-based strategies or cognitive technologies.

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