Artificial Intelligence for Industries of the Future Beyond Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google

The goal of this book is to set out the role of AI in “industries of the future.” It is not to speculate on “what” those industries might be, since history has taught us to be humble about our abilities to predict inventions in the long-term future.

Who could reasonably have predicted, even in 2000, that a company like Apple would become a trillion-dollar (and counting) future smartphone maker or that commercial space tourism, pioneered by a start up, would soon be on the horizon?

Not to mention the normalization of remote work, uniquely twenty-first century problems such as social media addiction, a decentralized cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) that takes the energy of a small country to “mine,” and an AI-composed artwork that has spurred international debate on whether an AI can be granted copyright on its work (Chap. 6)? In hindsight, it seems that we may have better luck (which is to say, very little) predicting business cycles than in predicting the path, let alone the impact, of advanced technology.