Effective Interventions for Social–Emotional Learning

The purpose of this book is to provide professionals with evidence-based social–emotional assessment and intervention strategies for children and adolescents. The book covers typically developing children and adolescents with difficulties in social relationships; individuals with specific mental health diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, and social (pragmatic) communication disorder; and the deaf/hard-of-hearing population. The major themes of this book will be definitional and conceptual issues in social skills assessment and intervention, standards for determining evidence-based practices, social–emotional assessment strategies, multi-tiered social–emotional interventions (universal, selected, and intensive), and social–emotional assessment and intervention strategies for specific populations. The book concludes with a series of illustrative case studies highlighting evidence-based social–emotional assessment and intervention strategies. Intended audiences for this book are clinical child and adolescent psychologists, school psychologists, counseling psychologists, clinical social workers, school counselors, and behavioral support personnel in schools. Graduate courses appropriate for this book are courses in school-based and clinic-based interventions for children and youth, assessment of social–emotional functioning in children and youth, social–emotional interventions, and consultation strategies for teachers and parents

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