How to Make People Do What You Want Methods of Subtle Psychology to Read People, Persuade, and Influence Human Behavior

Here’s something to get your brain juices flowing. The human race wouldn’t be where it is today without communication The way we talk, act, and perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us is singlehandedly responsible for everything that has happened. And I mean absolutely everything. Through redemption and destruction. Through thick and thin. Both morally and immorally. The whole of society as we know it is what it is because of the effects of communication. That’s a bold statement, I know, but take a moment to think about it on a personal level. Consider every single experience that comes to mind. Every relationship you’ve been in. Every job you’ve ever loved and hated. Every chance encounter and every plan fulfilled. At every step of the way, there has been a degree of communication. Similarly, many of our professional and personal problems stem from a lack of communication. In a roundabout sense, you could say communication is the key to being human, which would mean that through understanding the power that comes with mastering the art of communication, you can unlock a new way of living your life. New doors will open, and vibrant opportunities you couldn’t even imagine will present themselves to you By mastering communication, you can achieve what only so many people dreamed of achieving. Okay, allow me to kick it back a notch While this all sounds very exciting, you’re probably wondering what it has to do with you and learning how to persuade people. We all persuade people in many different ways and many different forms. Many of us persuade others every day, or least are persuaded by someone else. Some people are better at it than others, just as some people are more persuadable than others. You cannot get through life without persuading people. In your relationships, you persuade people to go on dates, get a pet, move in together, get married, and have kids. You make friends and take vacations, choose movies, and read books. Every single advertisement of any form is an attempt to persuade you to buy something.

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