Emotion and Information Processing A Practical approach

This book consists of 13 chapters covering many facts like psycho-social intervention on emotional disorders in individuals, impact of emotion and cognition on blended theory, theory and implication of information processing, effects of emotional self-esteem in women, emotional dimension of women in workplace, effects of mental thinking in different age groups irrespective of the gender, negative emotions and its effect on information processing, role of emotions in education and lastly emotional analysis in multi perspective domain adopting machine learning approach.

An additional new development in neuroscience is cognitive neuroscience, which combines the dual approach of understanding the human behaviour is symbolic and physiological according to Simon (1992). Both the approaches are now accepted as normal and natural ways of understanding the underlying cognitive processes in the field of education and administrative behavioural approaches. Emotion and information processing both have expanded an interest in cognition as well as neurological functions in the field of education for facilitating learning and in the field of management for smooth decision-making.

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