Everyday Creativity and the Healthy Mind

Health for self, health for the world? This is our hope here. Along with imparting some healthful and joyous creativity, and seeing how this happens. Here too are ways to see oneself—fully and finally—as a highly creative person, a bit of a miracle, really, carrying a universal capacity, which is our very birthright.

Everyday Creativity and the Healthy Mind puts forth a more dynamic view of creativity, our “originality of everyday life,” as both process and way of life, and part of our universal human heritage. Here is our “phenotypical plasticity” as per evolutionary biologist Theodosius Dobzhansky, the vast and innumerable ways we can manifest and live within our inherent boundaries.1 We change in each moment, and so does our world, and what we can creatively offer. Each moment is new—and how much more delightful, healthy, and important it can be for us to live this way. Truly we can come alive.