Human Brain and Artificial Intelligence

There are many unpredictable problems in motion visualization and observation in BCI system, such as interference from external noise and visual fatigue of subjects. These problems seriously affect the performance of the whole BCI system. To solve this problem, this paper designed the experimental paradigm of imagination and observation, and built the eeg acquisition platform by combining UNITY and MATLAB. Ten healthy subjects participated in the experiment, which was divided into two stages: in the first stage, each subject was required to perform five experiments at the same time. In the second stage, after an interval of more than one month, the eeg signals of the 10 subjects were collected again (the same experimental paradigm). In pattern recognition and Hilbert huang transform time and frequency domain characteristics of extreme learning machine recognition classification based on genetic algorithm, and using the basic method of SVM algorithm and ELM comparison between the results and draw HHT and optimization algorithm of single collection of experiment acquisition signal has a significant effect, high classification rate can reach 85.3%.

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