Artificial Intelligence Research

Third Southern African Conference, SACAIR 2022 Stellenbosch, South Africa, December 5–۹, ۲۰۲۲ Proceedings

This, volume 1734 of the Springer Communications in Computer and Information Science

(CCIS) series, contains the revised accepted papers of the third South African

Conference of Artificial Intelligence (SACAIR 2022). The second SACAIR 2022 proceedings volume is published as an online proceedings that will be available on the SACAIR 2022 website.

The inter- and trans-disciplinary nature of the SACAIR series of conferences in artificial intelligence is unique in providing a venue for researchers from a diverse set of disciplines that include computer science, engineering, information systems, law, philosophy, and other humanities. The organization of such a conference has to carefully consider the differing research methods, interests, publication standards, and cultures of these disciplines. The conference was thus organized around the following four tracks: Algorithmic, Symbolic and Data-DrivenAI (Computer Science and Engineering – CSE), Socio-technical and Human-centered AI (Information Systems – IS), Responsible and Ethical AI (Philosophy and Law – PHIL), and Inter- and Trans-disciplinary AI Research.

The Program Committee comprised 112 members (representing some 43 research institutions), 28 of whom were from outside Southern Africa. Each paper was reviewed by at least two members of the Program Committee in a rigorous double-blind process. Great care was taken to ensure the integrity of the conference including careful attention to avoid conflicts of interest. The following criteria were used to rate submissions and to guide decisions: relevance to SACAIR, significance, technical quality, scholarship, and presentation, which included quality and clarity of writing.

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