Information Systems and Neuroscience NeuroIS Retreat 2018

NeuroIS is a field in information systems (ISs) that makes use of neuroscience and neurophysiological tools and knowledge to better understand the development, adoption, and impact of information and communication technologies.

The NeuroIS Retreat is a leading academic conference for presenting research and development projects at the nexus of IS and neurobiology (see This annual conference has the objective to promote the successful development of the NeuroIS field. The conference activities are primarily delivered by and for academics, though works often have a professional orientation. Since 2018, the conference is taking place in Vienna, Austria, one of the world’s most beautiful cities. In 2009, the inaugural conference was organized in Gmunden, Austria. Established on an annual basis, further conferences took place in Gmunden from 2010 to 2017. The genesis of NeuroIS took place in 2007. Since then, the NeuroIS community has grown steadily. Scholars are looking for academic platforms to exchange their ideas and discuss their studies. The NeuroIS Retreat seeks to stimulate these discussions. The conference is best characterized by its workshop atmosphere. Specifically, the organizing committee welcomes not only completed research, but also work in progress. A major goal is to provide feedback for scholars to advance research papers, which then, ultimately, have the potential to result in high-quality journal publications.

This year is the fourth time that we publish the proceedings in the form of an edited volume. A total of 32 research papers are published in this volume, and we observe diversity in topics, theories, methods, and tools of the contributions in this book. The 2018 keynote presentation entitled “Translational Behavioral Neuroscience: The Use of Neuroscientific Insights to Improve Public Welfare” was given by Bernd Weber, Director of the Center for Economics and Neuroscience, University of Bonn, Germany. Moreover, Christian Montag, Professor for Molecular Psychology at Ulm University in Germany, gave a hot topic talk entitled “The neuroscience of smartphone and social media usage and the growing need to include methods from Psychoinformatics.”

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