Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Deep Brain Stimulation

Several books have been written on DBS-related topics, primarily focusing on clini­cal and technical aspects of the treatment from neurological and neurosurgical per­spectives. However, few of those books have focused on the role of neuroimaging, specifically MRI, in DBS surgery. With recent advances in neuroimaging technol­ogy and its increasingly prominent role, we felt that it would be timely for the DBS community to have an all-in-one resource summarizing the roles of MRI in DBS. We wanted to discuss the established as well as the innovative roles of MRI spanning the preoperative and postoperative care of these patients.

Over the past 25 years, the Toronto group has accumulated a large experience with DBS and has advanced several aspects of this field. Each chapter is written by local authors informed by our longstanding experience with DBS in Toronto. These were written in collaboration with international expert co-authors, who have ensured a thorough and global perspective on the topics covered.

We hope this book provides a succinct and clear summary of the various roles of MRI in DBS. It is our wish that the work herein sparks your interest so that you may further your knowledge of the topics using the references provided in each chapter. We believe that the roles of MRI in DBS will only grow over the next few years and will become increasingly central to most future clinical and research endeavours.

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