Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in a Global Context

This book presents a new approach to understanding the history and practice of cognitive-behavior therapy by presenting country profiles in 38 countries located around the world. The objectives of this edited volume are to provide a broad understanding of the practice of CBT internationally as well as country specific practices that will provide researchers and practitioners with important information for consideration in the application of CBT.

The book begins with an introductory chapter by the editors that discusses the history of CBT and the efforts to globalize and disseminate the science and practice of CBT as well as the unique cultural and international variables. The subsequent chapters offer detailed country profiles of the history and practice of CBT from around the globe. More specifically, chapters will provide an overview of the country, a history of psychotherapy in the country, current regulations regarding psychotherapy provision, professional and cognitive behavior therapy organizations, training opportunities/programs in CBT, populations most frequently worked with using CBT in the country, the use and adaptation of CBT, the research on CBT in the country, and CBT with special populations (children, immigrants, HIV+, etc). Many of the nations represented are the most populous and influential ones in their respective regions where CBT has been incorporated into psychotherapy training and practice. Taken as a whole, the countries are quite diverse in terms of sociocultural, economic, and political conditions and the impact of these variables on the practice of CBT in the country will be discussed. The final chapter of the volume offers a summary of the patterns of practice, integrating the main findings and challenges and discussing them within a global context. A discussion of the vision for next steps in the globalization of CBT concludes the book

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