Proceedings of the International Conference on Cognitive and Intelligent Computing

ICCIC 2021, Volume 1

This book presents original, peer-reviewed select articles from the International Conference on Cognitive & Intelligent Computing (ICCIC – ۲۰۲۱), held on December 11–۱۲, ۲۰۲۱, at Hyderabad, India. The proceedings has cutting edge Research outcome related to Machine learning in control applications, Soft computing, Pattern Recognition, Decision Support Systems, Text analytics and NLP, Statistical Learning, Neural Network Learning, Learning Through Fuzzy Logic, Learning Through Evolution (Evolutionary Algorithms), Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Strategy Learning, Cooperative Learning, Planning And Learning, Multi-Agent Learning, Online And Incremental Learning, Scalability Of Learning Algorithms, Inductive Learning, Inductive Logic Programming, Bayesian Networks, Support Vector Machines, Case-Based Reasoning, Multi-Agent Systems, Human–Computer Interaction, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Management and Networks, Data Intensive Computing Architecture, Medicine, Health, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology, Industrial and Engineering Applications, Security Applications, Smart Cities, Game Playing and Problem Solving, Intelligent Virtual Environments, Economics, Business, And Forecasting Applications. Articles in the book are carefully selected on the basis of their application orientation. The content is expected to be especially useful for Professionals, Researchers, Research students working in the area of cognitive and intelligent computing.

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