Psychology, Emotion and Intuition in Work Relationship

The Head, Heart and Gut Professional

In writing this book, we have been largely motivated by our awareness that the world has become increasingly complex, uncertain and challenging. The need for understanding of human behaviour and the ability to respond and act appropriately has never been greater. For professionals (by which we mean not only those in traditional professions but a much wider group of people, as outlined in Chapter 1) technical expertise and skill are of course essential, but these alone are not enough; we also need to have knowledge, insights, interpersonal skills and other attributes that will help us to understand and manage demanding relationships, difficult people, conflict, uncertainty, imperfection, frustration, stress and a wide range of other challenges in our professional as well as personal lives.

In one way we have more technical and technological support than ever before. Information technology is at our fingertips, online encyclopaedias and reference material are instantly available. Modes of communication have proliferated and are instantaneous wherever we might be – through smartphones, laptops, tablets, social media, video and many other links. These are developing in sophistication by the day.

However, these advanced and sophisticated modes of communication do not in themselves enhance a better quality of communication between people, and indeed they may sometimes have the opposite effect. What we need is the ability to listen and respond effectively, to have genuine empathy and rapport within carefully maintained and understood boundaries, and to communicate meaningfully.

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