Structuring the Self

I have been busy wresting some information out of my self—about its essence, identity, properties, and modes—for the past thirty-some years.

The few things that I have learned hardly make me knowledgeable about the subject, which seems to be elusive as well as intriguing. Even so, a little structured knowledge is not so bad as a lot of scattered ignorance, and giving structure to things that one learns can always pave the way to further wisdom. A great deal of the little that I know about the subject is garnered through pondering the works of great philosophers of the days of lore and recent scientific enterprises as well as introspection. The book does not aim to present a comprehensive philosophical theory that covers everything that we desire to know about the self. Instead, it seeks to give structure to a part of what we already know about the aspects and elements of the self from a scientific and metaphysical point of view. That is to say, in this book I will focus on some specific neuro-computational and informational theories of aspects of the self to flesh out a philosophical alternative to the traditional metaphysics of selfhood. My enterprise is inspired by a flourishing theory of the contemporary philosophy of science.

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