The Routledge Handbook of Discourse Analysis

The Cambridge and Nottingham Business English Corpus (CANBEC), which forms part of the Cambridge International Corpus, is a collection of samples of spoken business English in use today. It collects recordings of people in everyday working life settings formal and informal meetings, presentations, chats over lunch, and so on. These conversations are then entered onto a computer and analyzed. This helps the Corpus team to find out how real people speak and use English in a work environment, how language really works, how to teach it better, and how to make better dictionaries and language learning materials for people learning Business English.

This publication has made use of the Cambridge and Nottingham Corpus of Discourse in English (CANCODE). CANCODE was funded by Cambridge University Press (CUP) and is a 5-million-word computerized corpus of spoken English, made up of recordings from a variety of settings in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The corpus is designed with a substantial, organized database, giving information on participants, settings and conversational goals. CANCODE was built by CUP and the University of Nottingham and forms part of the Cambridge International Corpus (CIC). It provides insights into language use and offers a resource to supplement what is already known about English from other, non-corpus-based research, thereby providing valuable and accurate information for researchers and those preparing teaching materials. Sole copyright of the Corpus resides with CUP, from which all permissions to reproduce material must be obtained.

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