WELL- GROUNDED – The Neurobiology of Rational Decisions

The Content In This book is an amalgamation of the fascinating research of countless neuroscientists who have contributed to the scientific literature. Working in various contexts, these neuroscientists have provided the scientific information that serves as a backdrop for the evolving science of adaptive neuroscience and healthy brain functions. Because these science stories are complex and dynamic, I am indebted to the generosity of two giants in the field of behavioral neuroscience, Bryan Kolb (University of Lethbridge) and Don Stein (Emory University), for their informed and insightful comments. Although lingering mistakes will no doubt be found in this book, their comments were extremely valuable, saving me from unwanted detours and misinterpretations. John Salamone (University of Connecticut) also provided valuable feedback about specific neurochemical sections. I am also indebted to multiple individuals for taking the time to allow me to interview them, including but not limited to: Penny Chenery, Judge Robert Francis, Judith Cochrane Gilman-Hines, Mike Lacey, Sheri Storm, and Kate Tweedy. My former and current undergraduate students, too many to name here, have also contributed to the scientific stories introduced throughout the chapters of this book

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