Artificial Intelligence Logic and Applications

The 2nd International Conference, AILA 2022 Shanghai, China, August 26–۲۸, ۲۰۲۲ Proceedings

This volume contains papers from the 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Logic and Applications (AILA 2022), establishing what will hopefully be a long-running series of conferences dedicated to logical formalisms and approaches to artificial intelligence (AI). Hosted by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), AILA 2022 was organized by both the Technical Committee for Artificial Intelligence Logic under CAAI and the East China Normal University. The conference was held as a virtual online event during August 26–۲۸, ۲۰۲۲.

Logic has been a foundation stone for symbolic knowledge representation and reasoning ever since the beginning of AI research in the 1950s. Besides, AI applications often make use of logical approaches, including decision making, fraud detection, cybernetics, precision medicine, and many more. With the prevalence of machine learning and deep learning, combining logic-related structures is becoming a common view so as to take advantage of the diverse paradigms. The AILA conference series aims to provide an opportunity and forum for researchers to share and discuss their novel ideas, original research achievements, and practical experiences in a broad range of artificial intelligence logic and applications. The first AILA was held in 2019 as a special session within the IEEE 14th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Knowledge

Engineering (ISKE 2019). AILA 2022was therefore organized as a full-fledged event for the first time. We received a total of 27 submissions, and each paper was peer reviewed by three to four reviewers from our Program Committee with the help of sub reviewers designated by the proceedings editors. Based on the scores received and confidence levels of the reviewers, 20 submissions with a final score higher than 0 were accepted as a full-length papers for publication in this proceedings. They are classified into three categories: program logic, fuzzy logic, and applications. Moreover, we were honored to have three prestigious scholars giving keynote speeches at the conference: Guo-Qiang Zhang (University of Texas Houston, USA), Sanjiang Li (University of Technology Sydney, Australia), and Meng Sun (Peking University, China). The abstracts of their talks are included in this proceedings.

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