Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Recent Applications and Developments

In this book, the authors present key applications in health areas where AI has had significant successes. The chapters cover a plethora of health subareas, proving credence to the versatility and effectiveness of AI advances. With a varied range of examples and various AI techniques employed, this book illustrates how AI can be capable of and how it can be applied to allow for a better appreciation of AI advances. Of the included 16 chapters, this volume starts with the discussions of AI in key emergent health areas, followed by the presentation of AI techniques in a number of high-profile domains, such as brain disorders, mental health, COVID-19, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

The book will be ideal for individuals new to the notion and application of AI in health and medicine, as well as for early career scholars who wish to further extend their knowledge of data-driven informatics in health. The book is also suitable as a supporting text for advanced undergraduate and graduate-level models on artificial Intelligence techniques and applications.

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