Handbook of Treatment Planning for Children with Autism and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This volume of Dr. Johnny Matson’s Autism and Child Psychopathology Series provides valuable clinical insights into the contributions of 20 subspe­cialists for the care of children living with disability from perinatal consider­ations to navigating the emerging adult’s transition to adult healthcare services. If you have decades of experience, this book will provide a view of what has changed since your days in training, and if you are in the early years of your career, you will find the wisdom of seasoned experts to be priceless. The clinical insights shared in this volume will allow you to make goal-directed referrals, prepare families for consultation with specialists, and begin evaluations or interventions while awaiting specialist assessments. In short, the goal of this volume is to provide the valuable knowledge that will enhance your practice, allow you to communicate more effectively with families and colleagues, and help you to achieve the success you envision for your patient.

This volume is arranged in two sections. The first provides an overview of treatment planning with a focus on the medical home model, opening with the history and basic elements of individualized treatment planning. From the rise of the overarching biopsychosocial to the evolving medical home and wraparound models of care, the reader is guided through these basic models of care delivery. The foundations of treatment planning and care coordination including engaging children and parents, goal setting, and progress monitor­ing are detailed for you. Section I includes chapters detailing family as well as systems perspectives to promote comprehensive treatment planning and concludes with comprehensive recommendations for progress monitoring.

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